bad1 [bad]
worse, worst [ME bad, badde < ? OE bæddel, hermaphrodite]
a) not good; not as it should be [a bad attitude, a bad deal]
b) defective in quality; below standard; inadequate [bad plumbing]
2. showing a lack of talent, judgment, aptitude, skill, etc. [a bad painting, a bad writer]
3. not pleasant; unfavorable; disagreeable [bad news]
4. rotten; spoiled [a bad apple]
5. incorrect; faulty; erroneous [bad spelling]
a) wicked; immoral
b) not behaving properly; mischievous
7. causing injury; harmful [bad for one's health]
8. severe [a bad storm]
9. ill; in poor health
10. sorry; distressed [he feels bad about it]: cf. BADLY
11. offensive; disgusting [a bad smell]
12. unpaid and not collectible [a bad debt]
13. Law defective; not valid; void [a bad title] badder, baddest
14. Slang very good, stylish, effective, etc.
worse, worst
Informal badly
1. anything that is bad; bad quality or state
2. wickedness
go to the bad
Informal to become wicked, shiftless, etc.; degenerate
☆ in bad Informal
1. in trouble
2. in disfavor
not bad
Informal good; fairly good; not unsatisfactory: also not half bad or not so bad
the bad
those who are wicked
SYN.- BAD1, in this comparison, is the broadest term, ranging in implication from merely unsatisfactory to utterly depraved; EVIL and WICKED connote willful violation of a moral code, but EVIL often has ominous or malevolent implications [an evil hour ], and WICKED is sometimes weakened in a playful way to mean mischievous [wicked wit ]; ILL1, which is slightly weaker than EVIL in its implications of immorality, is now used chiefly in certain idiomatic phrases [ill-gotten gains ]; NAUGHTY today implies mere mischievousness or disobedience [a naughty child ] -ANT. GOOD, MORAL
bad2 [bad]
vt., vi.
1. archaic pt. of BID1
2. obs. pt. of BIDE

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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